Across Down
  1. Accorded urgent status to development of site after earlier meeting with institute director (11)
  2. Blushes about studies involving daughter (7)
  3. Three-pronged spear I’d found in river (7)
  4. Tediously unoriginal of god to appear around noon (5)
  5. Reveal old declaration of principles (9)
  6. Dull but fashionable to drink very small amounts with princess from the east (7)
  7. Not able to eat a bit of sausage before a game (7)
  8. Dying for father and son to perform a song (7)
  9. It’s taken by those in the mood for a fight (7)
  10. Natural to include a bishop’s story (9)
  11. Against song getting broadcast during radio programme (2,3)
  12. One easily angered by animated school principal (7)
  13. Send out English academic before Etna erupts (7)
  14. Larsson’s girl kicked it in a potentially explosive situation (7,4)
  1. Those excessively concerned with minor details of Poe’s introduction to Dante’s style (7)
  2. Ireland’s premier seaside town is perfect (5)
  3. Began again when soldiers’ muse collapsed and died (7)
  4. Very large bird caught after Ian gets organised (7)
  5. Frenchman about to carry corpse needs a strong drink (9)
  6. Arranges some of Deirdre’s sessions (7)
  7. It is illegal for boxers to talk too much over a drink (6,5)
  8. Computer virus used in warfare (6,5)
  9. Priest with four volunteers returning to Spain on the Queen’s ship (9)
  10. Withdraw from competition with superficial skin wound (7)
  11. Framework originally designed by the French and used in the kitchen (7)
  12. On the contrary her key was outside (7)
  13. Refusing to be persuaded by article on the first man to model (7)
  14. Big time Native American people (5)