Across Down
  1. Famous painting of two girls (4,4)
  2. Last September’s opening exams (6)
  3. War advocate to gain influence over key group (8)
  4. Colour of wine (6)
  5. Moral excellence in wife gets Thor demented (5)
  6. Thelma and Louise, for example, avoid more trouble (4,5)
  7. College head to object to the end of subsidy in Wales for instance (12)
  8. Country’s former PM surprisingly naive about the initiative on Malta (5,7)
  9. Constantly recurring prior to the French account (9)
  10. At first ordinary untrained tenors do occasionally excel (5)
  11. The Spanish call in this type of paint (6)
  12. Knight discovered in bed before four and the Queen takes note (8)
  13. Split in southern church is mooted in the first place (6)
  14. Chief support for conductor to stop (8)
  1. Native American bird of prey observed after a short time (6)
  2. Young soldiers uplifted by king in a Nottinghamshire town (6)
  3. Where one gets the minimum level of service (3,6)
  4. Salvation Army new man joins company in US city (3,9)
  5. I criticise religion (5)
  6. ‘Goodbye’ from a posh vicar going to Rio retreat (2,6)
  7. Those represented by Scotland’s top auctioneers (8)
  8. Girl stands by article about sex appeal of this queen (5,7)
  9. Like a fierce woman found in river grabbing Ian somehow (9)
  10. Potassium thief has small underwear (8)
  11. Artist returns on boat carrying monarch to Holland’s principal town (8)
  12. Thoroughfare in a Somerset town (6)
  13. Come to Germany at the end of May for this type of play (6)
  14. Requires north eastern editor before the 5th of August (5)