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My next crossword

in the Independent.

is on August 26th


My most recent puzzle

in the FT was on

July 24th,


My current crossword

in the Connexion

is August




Welcome to Poins’ Crosswords.

My puzzles were first published by Neil Shepherd on his popular site ‘Free Crosswords Online’ where he was kind enough to describe me as a ‘talented setter’ whose clues are ‘fair, concise and elegant and which make for good surface reading’.

Since then my work has appeared on the website of the Northern Echo and in the Morning Star.

In 2010 a couple of thematic puzzles were published in the prestigious 1 Across magazine and in November of that year I made my debut in the the Independent.

Two years later I joined the Financial Times team as Peto and from January 2015 I have been setting a bilingual cryptic crossword for the Connexion, a newspaper for English speakers living in France


Anyone wishing to contact me may do so on - ronmajor_976@hotmail.com

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